‘Charity begins at home’ Mr. Namo!


Modi 3

As the NAMO euphoria catches up; and the thunder of the lion echoes from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari; in one small spot in the village Unjha in Gujrat, these echoes pierce through a heart that has yearned to hear this voice for years now. Here is a woman – old and frail Jasodaben – whom destiny tied with Narender Modi – a man who is all but set to become the Prime Minister of India, and who took a unilateral decision to snap the relationship and  leave her in a lurch.  Here is a woman who more than anyone else prays for his success; is confident of his win; reads everything about him in the newspapers; yet who says ‘I don’t think he will ever call me.’

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Women’s Day Special

Women's Day

इतिहास के पन्नों पे गाथा तेरी

कलमों को रुश्नाईयाँ मैंने दी हैं

तमगे तेरे सीने पे चमके

पर कुर्बानियाँ मैंने दी हैं

दास्ताने इश्क़ का नायक तू है

प्यार को रवानियाँ मैंने दी हैं

अँधेरी गलियों में जब तू भटका

जल कर रौश्नाईआँ मैंने दी हैं

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