Hollow Sympathy







Beleaguered by beggary

She bashed up

Her ‘boozer’ man

Blue and black

Kicked half dead;

Smiling sisters

In rustling silks,

Made panels,

On channels,

Praising her to the stars

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International Women’s Day, as visualized by the UN in the early years of the last century was seen as a time for asserting women’s political and social rights; and for reviewing the progress that women have made.

We, the first generation of the new, post-independence, women in India, witnessed a momentous rise of feminist activism during the late 1970s; and as the torch bearers, we avowed to rise to the occasion and make the women-empowerment take its roots in our country. We, as young girls worked very hard, with determination and dedication, to do something, to become something and to show to the world that woman can take control of her own destiny. And the first step being education, we knew that we had to do well in studies because failing would mean a sudden stop to our education and perhaps an early marriage.

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