वक्त का तक़ाज़ा

Hindi PU

चलो, आज कुछ यूँ कर लें

बीते हुए को भुला,

अजनबी हो जाएंँ,

खूबसूरत रिश्तों को दफ़न कर

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Spider’s Web


I’m the spider,

Weaving her web

Of dreams

Of love, and bonds,

Nurturing them

With blood and sweat,

She keeps her threads

To close, well-knit circles

Moving slowly, diligently,

Holding them to her heart.

As she enters

The purple zone

The strands go loose

Moving away,

Each taking its own path

Leaving distances

Unfathomable and mysterious.

Love’s Labour lost!


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Hope And Despair

When hope leaves you

Like a drop sliding on a leaf,

Like a bubble bursting anon;

When fear of losing,

Stalks you forever and ever;

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Two For Joy

With the first light of the dawn, two magpies would come and sit on the electric pole outside my veranda, chirping melodiously; making me jump out of my bed and rush outside to meet the ‘two for joy’ as the first thing in the morning.
Since childhood, we have been made to understand that seeing two magpies in the morning forebodes a good day ahead, whereas one is always unlucky; and we have so deeply internalized the adage ‘One for Sorrow’ ‘Two for Joy.’ This pair of magpies must have heard of it, for it would perch itself outside my room daily, heralding a new joyful day for me with their twittering. I would give them a thanksgiving smile, while they would share their happiness with a dance on the wire. This went on for quite some time, and a silent bond was established between us. Read More…

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