Towards A New Dawn

It is very easy to rue and rant about the ills of the society or the nation at large. We are too quick to comment on everything and everybody else. And when we say people are corrupt, society is responsible for it; we always tend to exclude ourselves from it. Isn’t it? Most of the time, we consider ourselves as the all-pious, all-perfect idealistic pedagogues, who have the unquestionable authority to comment on others; or as the oppressed victims, we vent out our frustration on others! And we can talk to any length of time to say ‘what’ is wrong with the society, shying away from acknowledging ‘why’ it is so.  Sometimes we feel that just talking about the ‘what’ may wake up others to reflect upon the whole issue; and making them aware may lead to some good coming out of it. But it doesn’t happen so.

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India Shine!

‘Kill your daughter, or commit suicide if she elopes.’ Says a DIG in UP listening to the plea of a family whose daughter has eloped or has been abducted.

‘When Sita could join Ram in banwas, then why can’t you go?’ the Bombay High Court told a woman, during the proceedings of a divorce case, where the husband wants his wife to leave her computer course half-way and join him in Port Blair.

A survey sometime ago says that many judges at the lower courts felt it was perfectly justified for a man to administer a few slaps to his wife if, for example, she doesn’t cook his dinner properly.

These are the news-stories that appeared in Hindustan Times yesterday, the first one on the front page and the other two in the editorial piece.

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