यह कैसी महाभारत

कहते हैं कि ‘यह जीवन एक कुरुक्षेत्र है

जहाँ हर व्यक्ति अपनी महाभारत स्वयं लड़ता है’;

कृष्ण के बिना, पांडव और कौरव बराबर होते,

युधिष्टर धर्मराज नहीं होते, दुर्योधन धराशायी नहीं होते;

लेकिन आज के युग में  कृष्ण जैसा सारथी अब कहाँ?

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The Prized Catch

‘Wow! At last, I have won the first prize! I knew I had it in me. But it wasn’t so easy to beat five thousand entries from all over the country, some of them from very seasoned photographers!’

He proudly looked at the 50,000 rupees cheque; kissed it; put it on the side- table; picked up the poster that was his entry in the competition, and hung it on the wall facing his bed. Tomorrow he’ll go to the bank, draw the cheque, and throw a party for his friends. Read More…

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Hollow Sympathy







Beleaguered by beggary

She bashed up

Her ‘boozer’ man

Blue and black

Kicked half dead;

Smiling sisters

In rustling silks,

Made panels,

On channels,

Praising her to the stars

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The Bread-Winner

“Cry, you shameless girl, your father is dead!”

This was the tenth time that Kako’s mother had nudged her; tears rolling from her fire-spewing eyes that washed down the dirt from her cheeks creating scary lines on her face; drool dribbling down her mouth, which she didn’t bother to wipe; her dry tangled hair standing on her head like the cock’s crown from her continually pulling at it while keening loudly – a perfect picture of an aggrieved woman.

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