A Retrospection


We always tend to classify our life into well-defined, sharply contoured pigeonholes: childhood – youth – middle age – old age. Or on more practical and functional level we count this linear time as student-life – professional-life; marriage; parenthood; retirement; children’s marriages.

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Senile Sixties

It was exactly nine years ago on this day, that I wrote an article ‘Funny Fifties’, recounting my experience (read nightmare) of crossing fifty years of age. Today, I am here again, marking a very important mile-stone touching sixty years. They say we must count every new day as a gift of God. And what about years… or decades …! Oh, what a blessing!

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The Purple Horizon

I sit and watch out

As the sun goes down

In the purplish horizon

And the eye-lids drop down

Heavy with the weight of years.

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