India’s Hall of Shame – A Fact-File

As we are entering into the 65th year of Independence a zeal, a fervor can be felt all around; and moreover, as we celebrate the glorious achievements of our six Olympians, who have made the whole nation proud with their feats, here are six cases which put every Indian, worth his salt, hang his head with shame. I know this is not the time for such a piece, but these stories are not going away, they surface and resurface every now and then, not allowing us to push them to the back of our minds. And the din and disturbance that these stories create in your mind, drown all other sounds – the sounds of glory and grandeur.

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I’m Sorry, Mom…

Final judgement in Arushi murder case to eb out soon

I’m sorry, Mom,

To have made a mess of everything;

Did any of the astrologers,

Forebode at my birth:

‘This girl will bring ruin to the family’!

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