Caring But Interfering, Moms Will Be Moms


My ‘Spice of Life’ Article in Hindustan Times today (29.8.2017)

Just think of the mother and a myriad of emotions come to your mind – loving caring and pampering. But try to read between the lines, you’ll find a few more qualities of the mother popup – overindulgent, interfering, nagging, sixth-sense and snooping. Their sixth-sense is so strong that in childhood, our mother could make out from a distance whether we were reading a novel or a textbook from the tone of our answer. Read More…

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Childhood Stories

We, as children, were given a heavy dose of stories – fables, fairy-tales, anecdotes, and religious/mythical tales by all and one, be it mother, grandmother, aunts and teachers. And they seemed to have a huge treasure of stories up their sleeves for every occasion, and every time of the day – cute stories, funny stories, frightening stories, moralizing stories and what not. We opened our eyes to the likes of ‘The Greedy Dog’ and ‘Hare and the Tortoise’ and went on to be fed with the likes of ‘Red Robin Hood’ and ‘Jack and the Beanstalk.’ And the ‘Moral of the story’ tag was so important in the exams.

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