Birthdays are great fun. More so today, because you have your birth date announced on social media and then there is a continuous flow of good wishes trickling in the whole day! Each message brings a smile on the face and a feeling of gratitude in the heart. A cake or two and a bouquet, and your day is made. And there is no harm if the gifts from expected quarters knock at your door. In our childhood, birthdays never created such hullabaloo, as these do now. No doubt everyone in the family acknowledged it was your birthday, but we hadn’t heard of cakes and candles. The maximum concession you could enjoy was going to school without uniform i.e. in your choicest frock. Read More…

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Amritsar – Old Memories

Amritsar A

अमृतसर में दरबार साहिब में हुए भव्य परिवर्तन को टी.वी.पर देखा तो लगा कि यह वो जगह ही नहीं है, जिसे मैं बचपन से लेकर अब तक देखती आई हूँ, और जिस की छवि आज भी मनस्तल पर एक अमिट छाप बनाए हुए है। तरक्की और तबदीली हमेशा ही साथ साथ चलते आए हैं लेकिन आज के भव्य परिसर को देख कर बेसाख्ता ही बचपन कि कुछ यादें ताज़ा हो गईं ।

बचपन में जब चंडीगढ़ से अमृतसर छुट्टियों में अपने ननिहाल जाना तो लगना जैसे इक नयी दुनिया में आ गए हों । तंग बाज़ार, छोटी गलियाँ, एक दूजे के साथ पीठ से पीठ मिला कर सटे घर-मकान । छत पर जा कर चारों ओर देखना तो हर तरफ बस मकान ही मकान नज़र आने, मानों उनके बीच कोई सड़क यां गली हो ही न । और फिर दरबार साहिब जाना हम बच्चों के लिए एक जश्न जैसा दिन होता । Read More…

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Senile Sixties

It was exactly nine years ago on this day, that I wrote an article ‘Funny Fifties’, recounting my experience (read nightmare) of crossing fifty years of age. Today, I am here again, marking a very important mile-stone touching sixty years. They say we must count every new day as a gift of God. And what about years… or decades …! Oh, what a blessing!

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The Icicle

She stands there, encased in that one, single moment of her life which has got frozen into an icicle – an icicle, cold as the cold hands of time, cold as the cold valley of death. Yet, she has been in love with this icicle. It had been her dwelling, her refuge for so many years of her life. She has refused to make an effort to break out of it, because it had immortalized that one moment which was the core, the quintessence of her life.

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I Look Forever…

In the well-lit realm of my heart,

A lonesome corner stands apart

I look forever…

In the crevices and cracks

Scratching the memory’s wall

For some moments

Lived in togetherness

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