Caring But Interfering, Moms Will Be Moms


My ‘Spice of Life’ Article in Hindustan Times today (29.8.2017)

Just think of the mother and a myriad of emotions come to your mind – loving caring and pampering. But try to read between the lines, you’ll find a few more qualities of the mother popup – overindulgent, interfering, nagging, sixth-sense and snooping. Their sixth-sense is so strong that in childhood, our mother could make out from a distance whether we were reading a novel or a textbook from the tone of our answer. Read More…

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My Little Princess


Oh my little princess,
The star of my eyes
You…my ‘daughter’ grand!
Have been waiting for you
Since ages! Read More…

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Love is….

Love’s in the air

All around you,

Encompassing you

Body and soul!

It’s there in the music

Of rustling leaves

Chirping birds

Song of the waterfalls,

Whimpering of the sleeping child;

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The Icicle

She stands there, encased in that one, single moment of her life which has got frozen into an icicle – an icicle, cold as the cold hands of time, cold as the cold valley of death. Yet, she has been in love with this icicle. It had been her dwelling, her refuge for so many years of her life. She has refused to make an effort to break out of it, because it had immortalized that one moment which was the core, the quintessence of her life.

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I’m Sorry, Mom…

Final judgement in Arushi murder case to eb out soon

I’m sorry, Mom,

To have made a mess of everything;

Did any of the astrologers,

Forebode at my birth:

‘This girl will bring ruin to the family’!

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From the Dark Corridors of Taj Mahal

For centuries, Taj Mahal has been eulogized as a symbol of love, yet it has also drawn some anti-romantic reactions from many prominent writers like Sahir Ludhianvi. Though the very name ‘Taj Mahal’ exudes love and passion, it also has a dark story of pain, suffering and unfulfilled love hidden behind it pristine structure.

As we know that Emperor Shah Jahan ‘got Taj Mahal built’ whereas it was the great artisan Issa Khan who ‘built’ it. It took about 22 years for the whole work to be finished, and once it was completed, Shah Jahan got both hands of Issa Khan amputated.

Here is a small poem in Hindi/Urdu(my first attempt). And the poem is addressed by Issa Khan’s beloved to Queen Mumtaz.

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The Picture Perfect!

Yesterday, on my birthday, I found good wishes pouring in from friends and family; on my mobile, on face book, and by email. It’s such an exhilarating factor that makes you feel so important, loved and adored. The whole day I was in an emotionally reflective mood. Each message led me to think about the person in question and my bond with her/him. Suddenly it struck me that family is the first social network you join without any registration or signing-in step. It comes naturally (read genetically) to you, and come what may, you can never ‘unfriend’ or remove any member from this bond, this family tree! We, a family of six siblings have 22 members on Facebook; and I wonder that in the family section, why they don’t have tags for sister/brother-in-law, or daughter/son-in-law!

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The Bread-Winner

“Cry, you shameless girl, your father is dead!”

This was the tenth time that Kako’s mother had nudged her; tears rolling from her fire-spewing eyes that washed down the dirt from her cheeks creating scary lines on her face; drool dribbling down her mouth, which she didn’t bother to wipe; her dry tangled hair standing on her head like the cock’s crown from her continually pulling at it while keening loudly – a perfect picture of an aggrieved woman.

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