Tomorrow is Another Day


In this fast-paced life, the time when ‘each one to his own’ has become life’s mantra; when empty-nest syndrome is accepted as a bitter-sweet pill; when aloneness and loneliness become synonymous; when the size of your friend-list, and like-signs on your timeline become your life-line; when a green dot in front of your dear ones gives you consolation and confidence that they are there for you. And yet there are times when people leave you with just a ‘delete’ button; when virtual-reality overtakes your real-life reality; when all this leaves you weighed down; boggled and baffled. Read More…

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The Birthday Cake

Cake Collage 2

Not easy

To blow out your past

In one breath!

The dead candles

On the birthday cake

A jungle of nude trees

That had once

Sheltered me in their shade.

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Goodbye 2012…


Goodbye 2012…

The Year that was…!

Sad to see you

Melting through the fingers.

Remember…? You came with a tag!

‘The Year That Will End the World!’ Read More…

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Hope And Despair

When hope leaves you

Like a drop sliding on a leaf,

Like a bubble bursting anon;

When fear of losing,

Stalks you forever and ever;

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When did I…

Life’s sitemap

A step-by-step journey;

Etched clear and loud,

On the clean black-board;

Dreams and aspirations –

Running after


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When life goes haywire

And tides turn tempestuous

When dark clouds cover the sky

And times look dangerous. Read More…

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All My Dreams

All my dreams

Nurtured for years

Ensconced in the pampered zone,

Suddenly grew

Restless and rebellious

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Should I…?

Once, being a part of an Inter-College Extempore Elocution Competition as a judge, I came across a topic ‘I would rather like to forget…’

As expected, the young participants referred to various incidents of their lives that they wanted to forget. Some of them talked about some weird dream, some hair-raising experiences, while some of them had very funny, but scary incidents to narrate.

Any ways, that was a competition where the speakers were to be judged on some pre-decided parameters. Read More…

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