The Written Salvos


There are words
That surround you
Like butterflies
With their multi-hued wings;
Words that you touch
With your finger-tip
Multiply their beauty, love and happiness
And pass them on to others Read More…

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New Year Resolutions

New year

Life always flows in a flux, but we tend to view it in man-made linear units – year to year; event-to-event per se. Each New Year indulges us to look at life both backward and forward. We introspect about what is gone; and mull over what our life would be, or should be, in the days to come. Every year we make new resolutions or a wish list of ‘things-to-do’.
But nothing changes – you as a person, your dreams, your aspirations, your fears, your reservations and apprehensions; and there’s nothing wrong to be your natural self! Rather be proud of it! Let people accept you as what you are – with warts and all. Nothing – no person, no words, no incidents, no setbacks can take away the very essence of your being! Don’t change yourself for others; and don’t try to change others for you! This is the mantra of being happy and making others happy, which I think tops everyone’s wish list.
Social-networking site is a very easy, very instant and very handy way of interaction; yet it is so impulsive and thus so dangerous! Let our pens flow with the ink of positivity, empathy, grace and gratitude. Let’s choose our words cautiously and diligently; as each perceptive eye can go beyond the written word and capture even very dim thoughts lurking somewhere deep in our minds. Never let our stray thoughts hurt someone for life! Why rankle others with our personal rancour! Give each one his space; we can always agree to disagree, and move on!
Life is beautiful; life is precious; and life is a celebration particularly for people like me, for whom the ‘journey down the hill’ is almost here! Let’s accept each coming day, each coming year as an extra bonus, as an additional opportunity to make up for the lost opportunities to live life as we have always wanted to live; and which perhaps the drudgery of responsibilities didn’t allow us.
This is my wish list for the year 2017!

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We…the Happy People

Wow! Great news! According to a survey by IPSOS Global, we Indians are the happiest people in the world, sharing the top space with the Indonesians and the Mexicans. Not bad!

But are we really happy?

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