Tomorrow is Another Day


In this fast-paced life, the time when ‘each one to his own’ has become life’s mantra; when empty-nest syndrome is accepted as a bitter-sweet pill; when aloneness and loneliness become synonymous; when the size of your friend-list, and like-signs on your timeline become your life-line; when a green dot in front of your dear ones gives you consolation and confidence that they are there for you. And yet there are times when people leave you with just a ‘delete’ button; when virtual-reality overtakes your real-life reality; when all this leaves you weighed down; boggled and baffled. Read More…

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If Only I Could…

If only I could…

Rewind the track of my life,

To go back in childhood,

To roll in the mud;

Hide under the beds;

To play in the street light;

To be dragged home by the ear!

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