When did I…

Life’s sitemap

A step-by-step journey;

Etched clear and loud,

On the clean black-board;

Dreams and aspirations –

Running after


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Beauty Within

“God bless you both,” she said under her breath, and two silent tears slid from her eyes into the soft pillow.

This was not the first time that she has said these words; and it was not the first time that her tears had slipped into their soft abode. It had become a painful part for her being. Earlier it was not so frequent, but as her business had picked up, her clientele had been on the rise; she found herself in the same state of mind every now and then.

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Remembering 9/11

When the heavens turned hostile

And rained death at dawn;

When the fragrant morning air

Turning into a demoniac roar

Of the satanic eagle-machines,

Deafened the ears;

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April is the Cruelest Month

Come April and the world is agog with a new energy. As we bid adieu to winter, there is a feeling of openness, as if the heart and the soul which lay snug during the winters, extend their arms to take in the beautiful nature in all its splendor – vibrant colours, fragrances and sounds. It’s the time that we usually associate with regeneration and new life. All the seeds which had been lying inert suddenly sprout into life, filling the whole atmosphere with lively activities.

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All My Dreams

All my dreams

Nurtured for years

Ensconced in the pampered zone,

Suddenly grew

Restless and rebellious

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Lyrical Vignettes


Every night

Eating out

A plateful of dishes

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