Remembering 9/11

When the heavens turned hostile

And rained death at dawn;

When the fragrant morning air

Turning into a demoniac roar

Of the satanic eagle-machines,

Deafened the ears;

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His Last Journey – An Ego Trip

So much has been said and written about Rajesh Khanna ever since he passed away on 18 July. Agreed that he was the first superstar of India cinema; that he gave fifteen super hits in a span of two years; and that his movies have given us some of the best Hindi songs; but so much of over kill! As I watched and read whatever people had to say, I had decided not to write anything about him; though so many thoughts had been crossing my mind. But then I happened to listen to his last recorded message which he addressed to his fans; and which was played at his last prayer meeting, that I changed my mind, and hence this piece.

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Achala Sachdev

Achala Sachdev died yesterday in a hospital in Bombay after a prolonged illness, but what is more disturbing is that she died without any of her family members at her bed-side. She is not the first one to die like this, earlier it was Parven Babi and Nadira, (there may be more) who after giving the best years of their life to the show-biz, were abandoned to fend for themselves, both by the family, friends and the fraternity. Film industry is full of filthy-rich people who keep on singing their own praise for doing charity and supporting causes; but can’t they organize some society or organization to look after their own senior colleagues who have are too old to look after themselves?

Let’s hope good sense prevails and the some responsible people come forward to take up this cause.

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