The Spirit Fights On

How long…? How long…? And for how many times shall we scream at the top of our voices to wake up the dead world around us….? Echoes of these screams that can pierce the skies and reach God up there; but down here they strike against the dead walls of a skewed system, a deaf society and the stoned corridors of a political structure where the power-hungry bunch of law-makers are forever counting vote-banks on their finger-tips!

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Assam Molestation Case – Time for A Revolution

Here it comes again – another gory incident; a barbaric, heinous, inhuman and despicable act that has put the whole nation to shame. A young girl was molested by twenty men, in the open, in front of the eyes of many more standing there, or passing by. And we say we are living in the 21st century when this country is boasting about it having moved from the group of developing countries to that of the developed countries. The whole world is made to consider India as an emerging economic super-power, so much so that it has staked its claim for a permanent membership of the UN Security council!

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