Caring But Interfering, Moms Will Be Moms


My ‘Spice of Life’ Article in Hindustan Times today (29.8.2017)

Just think of the mother and a myriad of emotions come to your mind – loving caring and pampering. But try to read between the lines, you’ll find a few more qualities of the mother popup – overindulgent, interfering, nagging, sixth-sense and snooping. Their sixth-sense is so strong that in childhood, our mother could make out from a distance whether we were reading a novel or a textbook from the tone of our answer. Read More…

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I’m Sorry, Mom…

Final judgement in Arushi murder case to eb out soon

I’m sorry, Mom,

To have made a mess of everything;

Did any of the astrologers,

Forebode at my birth:

‘This girl will bring ruin to the family’!

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