Those Were the Days, Joginder Kaur

Published in Hindustan Times (25.9.2015)

It has become a law of human nature that at any given period of time, people rue the times gone by. If we miss our childhood days; our parents miss theirs. There is an interesting adage that goes on in the family, Oah veley si Joginder Kaurey (Those were the days Joginder Kaur)! Nobody knows who this Joginder Kaur was, and who had said these words to her, but the refrain is passed on from one generation to the next.  Read More…

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If Only I Could…

If only I could…

Rewind the track of my life,

To go back in childhood,

To roll in the mud;

Hide under the beds;

To play in the street light;

To be dragged home by the ear!

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Childhood Stories

We, as children, were given a heavy dose of stories – fables, fairy-tales, anecdotes, and religious/mythical tales by all and one, be it mother, grandmother, aunts and teachers. And they seemed to have a huge treasure of stories up their sleeves for every occasion, and every time of the day – cute stories, funny stories, frightening stories, moralizing stories and what not. We opened our eyes to the likes of ‘The Greedy Dog’ and ‘Hare and the Tortoise’ and went on to be fed with the likes of ‘Red Robin Hood’ and ‘Jack and the Beanstalk.’ And the ‘Moral of the story’ tag was so important in the exams.

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