Anta- Kahani Ek Zamane Ki – Book Review

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The book ‘Anta- Kahani Ek Zamane Ki’, a collection of short stories, is written by Rajbir Deswal, ADGP, Haryana, for whom writing provides a balance of emotions after more demanding professional commitments. Rajbir Deswal has a total of 19 books to his credit (with two more in the press), this being his 16th; besides about 3000 articles published in leading English dailies, He has written in different literary genres, namely short stories, poems, articles, humour, and travelogue. He is a keen observer and a passionate writer, and nothing escapes his perceptive eye.

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The Almond Tree – A Book Review


Michelle Cohen Corasanti’s debut novel The Almond Tree is a courageous effort by an American Jewish woman to write about a controversial issue – the Israel-Palestine Conflict – with passion, understanding, and yet authenticity; an issue which have long been misrepresented and misunderstood. The Almond Tree is an inspirational narrative of profound pain, courage, hope, resilience and indomitable human spirit.

But what makes Corasanti’s book stand apart is her very humanistic, sensitive and equitable handling of the events of the story.

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