A Confession

The brutal and ghastly gang-rape of the 23 years old girl had the whole nation boiling with rage and anger against the apathy of the govt., politicians and the police. Thousands of people had been pouring out in bitter cold to register their anguish against the incident, and in support of the victim, as well as the cause of safety of women in the country. A shocked nation prayed for the survival of the girl who was showing great fortitude and courage.

But her death came as a bigger shock for the whole nation. Never had the country seen such a united, peaceful expression of grief, as on her death.

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Don’t Cry For Him

A knock at the door and they both were shaken to death; a chill ran through their spines. They dreaded any knock at their door. They have been destined to live a life of anonymity; or rather it was their own blood that had pushed them in this corner, away from the eyes of the whole world. They knew it was coming – a knock at the door – that will bring the final word.

And today it came…..

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The Prized Catch

‘Wow! At last, I have won the first prize! I knew I had it in me. But it wasn’t so easy to beat five thousand entries from all over the country, some of them from very seasoned photographers!’

He proudly looked at the 50,000 rupees cheque; kissed it; put it on the side- table; picked up the poster that was his entry in the competition, and hung it on the wall facing his bed. Tomorrow he’ll go to the bank, draw the cheque, and throw a party for his friends. Read More…

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Beauty Within

“God bless you both,” she said under her breath, and two silent tears slid from her eyes into the soft pillow.

This was not the first time that she has said these words; and it was not the first time that her tears had slipped into their soft abode. It had become a painful part for her being. Earlier it was not so frequent, but as her business had picked up, her clientele had been on the rise; she found herself in the same state of mind every now and then.

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The Icicle

She stands there, encased in that one, single moment of her life which has got frozen into an icicle – an icicle, cold as the cold hands of time, cold as the cold valley of death. Yet, she has been in love with this icicle. It had been her dwelling, her refuge for so many years of her life. She has refused to make an effort to break out of it, because it had immortalized that one moment which was the core, the quintessence of her life.

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It’s a Dog’s Life

I salute all the pet-lovers


I am a great supporter of PETA

Ten-year old Raju was playing with Bruno in the lawn when his foot tripped over the dog’s tail; and as it yelped loudly, Preeti, the young college-going daughter of the family came running from inside the house, and slapped Raju so hard on the face, that rolling over the ground he banged his head into the garden wall. He sat there holding his head between his hands.

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The Police Commissioner had called an emergency meeting of its officers. The law and order situation of the city had been going from bad to worse. The police had been unable to control rallies and demonstrations which had become a common feature, causing traffic disruption on all the major roads. Media had lambasted the police for its inefficiency and the furious Police Commissioner gave his junior officers a piece of his mind.

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Two For Joy

With the first light of the dawn, two magpies would come and sit on the electric pole outside my veranda, chirping melodiously; making me jump out of my bed and rush outside to meet the ‘two for joy’ as the first thing in the morning.
Since childhood, we have been made to understand that seeing two magpies in the morning forebodes a good day ahead, whereas one is always unlucky; and we have so deeply internalized the adage ‘One for Sorrow’ ‘Two for Joy.’ This pair of magpies must have heard of it, for it would perch itself outside my room daily, heralding a new joyful day for me with their twittering. I would give them a thanksgiving smile, while they would share their happiness with a dance on the wire. This went on for quite some time, and a silent bond was established between us. Read More…

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The Bread-Winner

“Cry, you shameless girl, your father is dead!”

This was the tenth time that Kako’s mother had nudged her; tears rolling from her fire-spewing eyes that washed down the dirt from her cheeks creating scary lines on her face; drool dribbling down her mouth, which she didn’t bother to wipe; her dry tangled hair standing on her head like the cock’s crown from her continually pulling at it while keening loudly – a perfect picture of an aggrieved woman.

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