Genocide 2



Look at those innocent eyes,
Replete with infinite dreams,
Now forcibly shut at gunpoint!
Please, stop those dreams from bleeding
Deep down in the graves.

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My Little Princess


Oh my little princess,
The star of my eyes
You…my ‘daughter’ grand!
Have been waiting for you
Since ages! Read More…

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वक्त का तक़ाज़ा

Hindi PU

चलो, आज कुछ यूँ कर लें

बीते हुए को भुला,

अजनबी हो जाएंँ,

खूबसूरत रिश्तों को दफ़न कर

उन का मरसिया गा दें, Read More…

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My Angel Muse

angel muse

A light divine

A voice propitious

A child’s smile

Flash upon

The mind’s canvas


My Angel Muse… Read More…

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Spider’s Web


I’m the spider,

Weaving her web

Of dreams

Of love, and bonds,

Nurturing them

With blood and sweat,

She keeps her threads

To close, well-knit circles

Moving slowly, diligently,

Holding them to her heart.

As she enters

The purple zone

The strands go loose

Moving away,

Each taking its own path

Leaving distances

Unfathomable and mysterious.

Love’s Labour lost!


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The Written Salvos


There are words
That surround you
Like butterflies
With their multi-hued wings;
Words that you touch
With your finger-tip
Multiply their beauty, love and happiness
And pass them on to others Read More…

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The Hills

These Hills

These hills,
Earth’s verdant spasms,
Random ranges,
Towering tall,
As guardians of the
Ground below.
They take upon themselves
Lashing rain,
Scorching heat.
Rivers cleave their bodies,
Roads scrape and chisel their skins,
Tunnels pierce through their hearts,
Yet they
Stand solid,
A cool canopy
To their Mother Earth. (Near Manali)

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My Words


When identities

With sharp piercing contours

Wound and injure

The ‘odd-men-out’

When free-speech or free- will

Is mother of all sins;

Don’t look at my words

They are either not words, or

Not mine anymore. Read More…

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Stop this genocide
Around the globe
The innocent blood
Seeping into its nucleus
Churning into an angry lava
Bursts it
Into splinters!

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Bards of Yore


I dare to step in the idyllic world

Of the Bards, gone away

With unsure thoughts; and pounding heart

I enter a forbidden field, my legs too give way Read More…

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