A Journey Through Nothingness

Clouds 1

Recently, while aboard a flight, for once I felt like a lost soul, disconnected from all and sundry. Felt like a bird who having lost its way to its nest, keeps on roaming in the sky unable to find any foothold. This flight – a passage between two destinations – life and death – is what we all undertake. A passage that is unknown, unseen, untried, suspended in the air like an obscure future. As we embark upon this journey of life, we are clueless what this voyage would be like! Growing up rudderless, without any direction, we keep drifting in nothingness, with no boundaries acting as a road-map of our life’s journey. Don’t we keep on strutting from aim to aim; objective to objective, changing directions, fine-tuning ourselves to the best-suited situations, ultimately landing at the final destination that life takes us to, accepting it as our destiny! Did you, as you started this journey of life, dream of becoming what you ultimately became! Perhaps not! Even if we may decide our destination, it is the Pilot (the Providence) who knows the route – the ups and downs that we’ll encounter during this journey.

Then….can I boast of my ‘achievements’ in life! No…these are not my achievements, they simply came my way, and I grabbed them!


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The Stories We Whisper into Stygian Darkness

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Stories have always been an inseparable part of human life; we all enjoy telling stories, listening to them; writing and reading them. We have stories coming down to us through centuries either in oral or written form; these are anecdotes, experiences, simple incidents or figments of one’s imagination. Sharing stories is the biggest human passion. Each and everyone is a story-teller. A child is initiated into the magical world of stories through fairy tales; and as soon as he is able to think and imagine things for himself, he creates his own stories – excuses for not going to school or for incomplete homework – and then it goes on for the whole life Read More…

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Mastering the Fine Art of Dealing with the Babus

Babus 1

Dealing with the government officials in our part of the world, is an art in itself. An art which is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a close study of how government offices work; how many people you’ll have to deal with while tracking your case; which day of the week, and what time of the working hours you should go there.

One should know how to gauge the mood of the official concerned at that particular moment, and the pitch of voice one should use as not to offend him/her. And above all, one needs to practice the art of stoic acquiescence of whatever response you receive from the other end. A strong heart, lots of patience and a permanent smile on the face (even though you may be boiling with rage inside) are the first requirements for the job. One must also be prepared to come back empty-handed, not once but umpteen times. Read More…

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Birthdays are great fun. More so today, because you have your birth date announced on social media and then there is a continuous flow of good wishes trickling in the whole day! Each message brings a smile on the face and a feeling of gratitude in the heart. A cake or two and a bouquet, and your day is made. And there is no harm if the gifts from expected quarters knock at your door. In our childhood, birthdays never created such hullabaloo, as these do now. No doubt everyone in the family acknowledged it was your birthday, but we hadn’t heard of cakes and candles. The maximum concession you could enjoy was going to school without uniform i.e. in your choicest frock. Read More…

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New Year Resolutions

New year

Life always flows in a flux, but we tend to view it in man-made linear units – year to year; event-to-event per se. Each New Year indulges us to look at life both backward and forward. We introspect about what is gone; and mull over what our life would be, or should be, in the days to come. Every year we make new resolutions or a wish list of ‘things-to-do’.
But nothing changes – you as a person, your dreams, your aspirations, your fears, your reservations and apprehensions; and there’s nothing wrong to be your natural self! Rather be proud of it! Let people accept you as what you are – with warts and all. Nothing – no person, no words, no incidents, no setbacks can take away the very essence of your being! Don’t change yourself for others; and don’t try to change others for you! This is the mantra of being happy and making others happy, which I think tops everyone’s wish list.
Social-networking site is a very easy, very instant and very handy way of interaction; yet it is so impulsive and thus so dangerous! Let our pens flow with the ink of positivity, empathy, grace and gratitude. Let’s choose our words cautiously and diligently; as each perceptive eye can go beyond the written word and capture even very dim thoughts lurking somewhere deep in our minds. Never let our stray thoughts hurt someone for life! Why rankle others with our personal rancour! Give each one his space; we can always agree to disagree, and move on!
Life is beautiful; life is precious; and life is a celebration particularly for people like me, for whom the ‘journey down the hill’ is almost here! Let’s accept each coming day, each coming year as an extra bonus, as an additional opportunity to make up for the lost opportunities to live life as we have always wanted to live; and which perhaps the drudgery of responsibilities didn’t allow us.
This is my wish list for the year 2017!

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Amritsar – Old Memories

Amritsar A

अमृतसर में दरबार साहिब में हुए भव्य परिवर्तन को टी.वी.पर देखा तो लगा कि यह वो जगह ही नहीं है, जिसे मैं बचपन से लेकर अब तक देखती आई हूँ, और जिस की छवि आज भी मनस्तल पर एक अमिट छाप बनाए हुए है। तरक्की और तबदीली हमेशा ही साथ साथ चलते आए हैं लेकिन आज के भव्य परिसर को देख कर बेसाख्ता ही बचपन कि कुछ यादें ताज़ा हो गईं ।

बचपन में जब चंडीगढ़ से अमृतसर छुट्टियों में अपने ननिहाल जाना तो लगना जैसे इक नयी दुनिया में आ गए हों । तंग बाज़ार, छोटी गलियाँ, एक दूजे के साथ पीठ से पीठ मिला कर सटे घर-मकान । छत पर जा कर चारों ओर देखना तो हर तरफ बस मकान ही मकान नज़र आने, मानों उनके बीच कोई सड़क यां गली हो ही न । और फिर दरबार साहिब जाना हम बच्चों के लिए एक जश्न जैसा दिन होता । Read More…

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Tomorrow is Another Day


In this fast-paced life, the time when ‘each one to his own’ has become life’s mantra; when empty-nest syndrome is accepted as a bitter-sweet pill; when aloneness and loneliness become synonymous; when the size of your friend-list, and like-signs on your timeline become your life-line; when a green dot in front of your dear ones gives you consolation and confidence that they are there for you. And yet there are times when people leave you with just a ‘delete’ button; when virtual-reality overtakes your real-life reality; when all this leaves you weighed down; boggled and baffled. Read More…

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Anta- Kahani Ek Zamane Ki – Book Review

Anta pic

The book ‘Anta- Kahani Ek Zamane Ki’, a collection of short stories, is written by Rajbir Deswal, ADGP, Haryana, for whom writing provides a balance of emotions after more demanding professional commitments. Rajbir Deswal has a total of 19 books to his credit (with two more in the press), this being his 16th; besides about 3000 articles published in leading English dailies, He has written in different literary genres, namely short stories, poems, articles, humour, and travelogue. He is a keen observer and a passionate writer, and nothing escapes his perceptive eye.

Read More…

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The Three Musketeers, at the movies

Three Musketeers

Published in Hindustan Times on 26.8.2016
You have the choice of auditoriums and multiple screens. The freedom to book the show online or over telephone. The ease of walking in at the last minute and still find the box office open. There is no rush, generally. Today, movie-going is easy. But there was a time when it was exciting.
The very thought of standing in the queue and not getting ticket added to the thrill of movie-watching. In my early childhood in Amritsar, I’d go to movies only during vacations. It was difficult to get permission from Nanaji; and he’d send us to only mythological films. We’d sit through ‘LuvKush’ and ‘Harishchandra-Taramati’ somehow. But we dreaded answering grandpa’s query: “What did you learn?” Read More…

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Then Uncle Sam invaded Queen’s bastion

When I started learning English in kindergarten in the late 1950s, more than the language, it were the books of the alphabet from the colonial times, with glazed paper and beautiful pictures of British people, that attracted me. I still remember an image of young girls and boys bent over a wooden bridge on a hillside, trying to retrieve a bun with a sprig from the pit below. The lesson was about b…u…n bun, and I would always open the book at that page to admire the blonde, red-cheeked kids Read More…

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