Deep into the Net of Virtual Reality

Article 12.3

This appeared in Hindustan Times (12.3.2018)

Last year on a trip to Goa, we had just settled in our hotel, and I opened my Facebook when a message flashed on the screen. It read, ‘It seems you’re in a hotel in Goa, why not write something about the place?’ I was stunned! How do these people know where I am? Am I being followed by some kind of paparazzi though I know I’m no Princess Diana!

This is the price we have to pay for being active on social networking sites. Today, we live in a world where virtual reality has come to define our lives more than anything else; and it is this small gadget in our hand that leads us by the nose into the world. A oxymoronic phrase explains the common scene around us, “Together, yet alone. Alone, yet not lonely!” Read More…

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