Genocide 2



Look at those innocent eyes,
Replete with infinite dreams,
Now forcibly shut at gunpoint!
Please, stop those dreams from bleeding
Deep down in the graves.

Why….these Angels of God,
Here, there, everywhere;
Kentucky, Florida
Or Peshawar, nearer home!
These divine souls,
Their heavenly purity intact;
Those little promising feet
Had miles to go…
To scale the unscalable heights;
Those little hands…
To shape their futures;
Those eyes,now in eternal sleep
Once shone with the prospects
Of their Sires’ pride…!
If only I can
Wake them up,
Tell them…
It was just a joke
Played by insanity
Of an equally mad faith;
Tell them to rise
From their deep abodes
And rush back to their parents’ lap,
And go about the business of life,
As if nothing has happened!
If only…..
I could tell them!!!







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Posted in Causes, Poem by Narinder Jit at February 16th, 2018.
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