My Little Princess


Oh my little princess,
The star of my eyes
You…my ‘daughter’ grand!
Have been waiting for you
Since ages!
There are hundred thousand thoughts
I want to share with you
A million words
I want to whisper in your ears
You fill the vacuum
I was carrying for long!
Now it’s time for two of us to
Sing together,
Dance together!

Here’s this lovely face of your
That reflects a bright future;
Your little delicate hands
Will endeavor to catch the Sun ‘n Moon!
Your tender tiny feet
Will make long strides,
Across the whole world!
May the blue sky
Bend down to
Bless you, and fulfill
All your dreams!

But I know…I know…
You naughty girl
Things will change
As time will swirl
I and you….
Old and new…
Will be poles apart

A few years down the line,
I, an old hag…
Silver in my hair
Stick in shaking hands
My speech a mere mumble
My gait almost a stumble;
And yet…
Would love to live the day,
When you, a young beauty
Will scream in
My half dead ears….
You don’t know anything!”

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Posted in Causes, Poem by Narinder Jit at June 20th, 2017.
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