My Angel Muse

angel muse

A light divine

A voice propitious

A child’s smile

Flash upon

The mind’s canvas


My Angel Muse…

My invocation,

Eggs me on

To live, to love

To pen

Pearls of beauty;

To trace

Orange in the sky

Blue in the sea;

To capture the moon

On my quivering palm

And kiss its beams;

To flow with

Life’s current;

And to soak in the

Splendiferous Nature

But anon,

It abandons me to

My loneliness.

I sit for hours

Waiting for

It’s next visitation.

As darkness engulfs

Body and soul,

Blank pages

Stare into my face!

Nothing seems

To redeem

My sins;

Here’s another ‘Eve’


A ‘Paradise Lost’!


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Posted in Causes, Poem by Narinder Jit at June 5th, 2017.
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