The Written Salvos


There are words
That surround you
Like butterflies
With their multi-hued wings;
Words that you touch
With your finger-tip
Multiply their beauty, love and happiness
And pass them on to others

There are words
That swarm around you
Like the locusts;
Words, that people throw at you
To hit you where it hurts the most;
Some of these
You dodge so neatly;
Others you take by the horns;
Some others, lose their heat
As they reach you,
And fall at your feet
Like dead birds;
Some you can’t stop
From doing the damage;
But there are some
You take with open arms
Allowing them to hit you,
To bleed you –
Mind, body and soul!

Let them on….!

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Posted in Causes, Poem by Narinder Jit at April 28th, 2017.
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