The Stories We Whisper into Stygian Darkness

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Stories have always been an inseparable part of human life; we all enjoy telling stories, listening to them; writing and reading them. We have stories coming down to us through centuries either in oral or written form; these are anecdotes, experiences, simple incidents or figments of one’s imagination. Sharing stories is the biggest human passion. Each and everyone is a story-teller. A child is initiated into the magical world of stories through fairy tales; and as soon as he is able to think and imagine things for himself, he creates his own stories – excuses for not going to school or for incomplete homework – and then it goes on for the whole life

The stories that we create keep ringing in our minds till we articulate them; orally, through the written word, or in any other art form. But once they go out in public domain, they belong to the whole world. People can repeat them, revise them, narrate them in their own peculiar style; pass them on in their own name; make it more interesting or kill it completely; the original creator has no control over it.

But there is another kind of stories, that we create in our minds and they stay there forever. These are the stories we whisper into Stygian darkness. They remain in the dark unfathomable depths of our mind, and never see the light of the day. We don’t exactly narrate them to ourselves, but dramatize them in our subconscious minds; and they pop their heads every now and then and repeat themselves again and again.

But these unspoken, un-narrated, secret and sacred stories are very essential for us; we need them as cleansers, as stress-busters to regain our depleting confidence and self-esteem whenever we find ourselves low in spirits; to allay fears, to absolve ourselves of some guilt; to raise ourselves in the eyes of our dear ones; and do what we have always wished to do, but couldn’t achieve. No human-being can deny these to himself! Thousands of people must have imagined themselves to be in the shoes (literally) of Lionel Messie, the great Argentinean footballer, and  kick the goal that he missed in the Copa America Finals; and thousands must have taken to the cricket crease, hitting that perfect six on the last ball when India might have lost for 5 runs!

Here is a confession (it may be yours as well) – I don’t know how many awards I have given to myself since my young days (including the Oscar). And I don’t know how many ‘Thank You Speeches’ I have written in my mind, revised them; edited them, rehearsed them with very minute detailing, the pause, the stress, the intonation, and the tilt of the head to create the desired impact on the audiences. The satisfaction this whole mental exercise gives me is priceless! Placing myself in line with the best of the best is a dose of sheer joy, contentment and a sense of triumph which erases every shadow of failure that I might have suffered at any given time in my life.

We all whisper such stories into the Stygian darkness, because we all are humans!


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Posted in Article, Causes by Narinder Jit at April 24th, 2017.
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