The Written Salvos


There are words
That surround you
Like butterflies
With their multi-hued wings;
Words that you touch
With your finger-tip
Multiply their beauty, love and happiness
And pass them on to others Read More…

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The Stories We Whisper into Stygian Darkness

wait 2

Stories have always been an inseparable part of human life; we all enjoy telling stories, listening to them; writing and reading them. We have stories coming down to us through centuries either in oral or written form; these are anecdotes, experiences, simple incidents or figments of one’s imagination. Sharing stories is the biggest human passion. Each and everyone is a story-teller. A child is initiated into the magical world of stories through fairy tales; and as soon as he is able to think and imagine things for himself, he creates his own stories – excuses for not going to school or for incomplete homework – and then it goes on for the whole life Read More…

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The Hills

These Hills

These hills,
Earth’s verdant spasms,
Random ranges,
Towering tall,
As guardians of the
Ground below.
They take upon themselves
Lashing rain,
Scorching heat.
Rivers cleave their bodies,
Roads scrape and chisel their skins,
Tunnels pierce through their hearts,
Yet they
Stand solid,
A cool canopy
To their Mother Earth. (Near Manali)

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Mastering the Fine Art of Dealing with the Babus

Babus 1

Dealing with the government officials in our part of the world, is an art in itself. An art which is not everyone’s cup of tea. It requires a close study of how government offices work; how many people you’ll have to deal with while tracking your case; which day of the week, and what time of the working hours you should go there.

One should know how to gauge the mood of the official concerned at that particular moment, and the pitch of voice one should use as not to offend him/her. And above all, one needs to practice the art of stoic acquiescence of whatever response you receive from the other end. A strong heart, lots of patience and a permanent smile on the face (even though you may be boiling with rage inside) are the first requirements for the job. One must also be prepared to come back empty-handed, not once but umpteen times. Read More…

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