The Three Musketeers, at the movies

Three Musketeers

Published in Hindustan Times on 26.8.2016
You have the choice of auditoriums and multiple screens. The freedom to book the show online or over telephone. The ease of walking in at the last minute and still find the box office open. There is no rush, generally. Today, movie-going is easy. But there was a time when it was exciting.
The very thought of standing in the queue and not getting ticket added to the thrill of movie-watching. In my early childhood in Amritsar, I’d go to movies only during vacations. It was difficult to get permission from Nanaji; and he’d send us to only mythological films. We’d sit through ‘LuvKush’ and ‘Harishchandra-Taramati’ somehow. But we dreaded answering grandpa’s query: “What did you learn?” Read More…

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