Indo-Pak War – As A Child Remembers It



Also published in The New Indian Express – Bangaluru on 29.9.2015 under the title ‘Days of innocence in the time of war’

Fifty years is not a short period of time. From a 12 year young gal, I have turned into a 62 years old hag. But the memories of those summer days that made the young mind wonder what was happening around us and why there had been so many changes made in our daily routine, are still so fresh.

The Indo-Pak War of 1965 war was the second that I had witnessed, after Sino-Indian War of 1962. As the centre of this war was Kashmir and Punjab, we at Chandigarh were not far off from the arena. Besides ground battle, Aerial Warfare too was a part of it, and that was what had us vulnerable to the perils of warfare. Read More…

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The Stories We Create


Published in Hindustan Times  (3.8.2015)

Human mind is a complex and super-active machine that remains busy all the time. Sometimes, it stores your experiences in its memory box, whereas at other times, it helps you visualize a rosy picture of the things to come. Belying the twin concepts of time and space, it helps you live your past and future in the present. It also has the very unique quality of weaving stories, some of which vanish as soon as they are created; while the rest stick. Anything and everything can become the subject of these stories – we, our dear ones, a scene or a person around us. Read More…

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