Let the Fingers Talk


The Empty Nest syndrome had frightened me even when my boys were studying. As I live in a small town that doesn’t enjoy the luxury of MNCs and corporate sector, I knew the little birdies would very soon take wings to scale unknown heights. And the impending ‘retirement’ too had been staring me in the face. What will I do? An impulsive talker, what I dreaded most was the thought of having no one to listen to my incessant natter. Husbands pretend to be all ears; but in reality, they are never listening to what you are saying! Moreover, I didn’t want to be labeled as an ‘old hag’ whose time’s up and who now deserved to be written off and shut off in a closet! I pulled my socks up and learnt to run along with the fast-paced world! Yes…! I decided to become cell phone/ android savvy. Read More…

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A Sachet at Schiphol


Published in Hindustan Times (6.4.2015)

It was my maiden flight, and first out of India, too. Boarding an aircraft for the first time at 58 is more trepidation than fun. I was praying silently as the jet took off. All the news I had heard about air-crash tragedies rang in my ears, and the prayers became faster. Read More…

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