31st of March

Marigolds 2

Come 31st of March; and I go down the memory lane. The intoxicating fragrance of the marigolds fills each pore of my being. A day of anxiety, anticipation, excitement and a little trepidation, it wove a labyrinth of dreams and nightmares. The previous night would be  spent rolling in the bed, waiting for the first light of the day to usher in the grand finale! Read More…

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The stories we created years ago;

Went astray half way;

Leaving us all

Groping in dark;

No light, no sign

To guide us; Read More…

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The Heart Still Remembers


Behind the smiling eyes,

Lay the dark-pit of pain;

Underneath the glowing skin,

Oozes the pus of unhealed wounds; Read More…

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Whose Daughter…!

Nirbhaya 2

(It’s a broken piece of writing. Couldn’t finish it the way I wanted it to be. Too disturbing as it has been. Though I gave myself a day to re-write it properly, but couldn’t. Please bear with me. Thanks)

“This incident was a storm which came and went. And what was there before it, and what is left behind after it, this is what we need to see.”  (Nirbhaya’s father)

This is the parting message that Leslee Udwin’s film ‘India’s Daughter’ closes with.

And this is what the film proposes to do. To see whether anything has changed after 16/12? Whether we learnt any lessons? And the answer is a BIG NO as the film goes on to unfold.

It is not about why and how the film has been made; it’s about the ugly truths that it throws on us, or rather slap on our faces that is more shocking. And the govt. is jittery, not only because the film would bring a bad name to India, but also because these ugly truths point towards the impotency and indifference of the power that be.

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