Cannibalistic Bollywood

Celebrating 100 years of Indian cinema

(Some Stray Thoughts)

From May 1913 to April 1913 – from Raja Harishchandra to ‘Ek Thi Daayan’- from silent movies to Dolby-Digital sound mixing, and from Black-and-White and Eastman colour to Digital image processing and animation – Indian Cinema has come a long way.

As we celebrate the hundred years of Indian Cinema, newspapers, magazines, TV, websites and blogs are agog with accolades for world’s largest film industry; that it undoubtedly deserves. But here are some pointers that stare in our face; but as we are so awestruck by films and film-stars that we tend to push these under the carpet. People say that Indian cinema has come of age; but I say that it has overgrown its normal size, and as a blown-up giant it’s eating up whatever comes its way!

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Senile Sixties

It was exactly nine years ago on this day, that I wrote an article ‘Funny Fifties’, recounting my experience (read nightmare) of crossing fifty years of age. Today, I am here again, marking a very important mile-stone touching sixty years. They say we must count every new day as a gift of God. And what about years… or decades …! Oh, what a blessing!

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