Jaspal Bhatti – Comic for A Cause

Jaspal Bhatti – a comedian par excellence! More of a Crusader than a Comedian, who through his simple, sterilized, genial and understated humour won millions of hearts throughout the nation. With so much of ease, freshness and simplicity, Bhatti’s real-life characters, caught in real-life situations, came close to every common man’s heart.

Utilizing comedy as a tool for focusing people’s attention toward corruption had been his forte ever since his college days when his ‘Nonsense Club’ became famous for street plays, most of them spoofs, ridiculing the corruption in society.

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Commemorating Sino –Indian War

It was on 20th October, 1962 – exactly fifty years ago that China launched its first military offensive against India in Ladakh on its Northern border. This was a war that brought about the first flash of patriotism among the people of India after independence, the first litmus test of the country as one united whole; and this was a war that gave us the historic song ‘Ae Mere Watan ke Logo’ that Lata Mangeshkar sang in the presence of Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru, in a function a few months after the war; and which brought tears in his eyes. The song, written by Kavi Pradeep and composed by C. Ramchandra, became a rage among people as it reflected the nationalistic feelings of the whole nation.

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When did I…

Life’s sitemap

A step-by-step journey;

Etched clear and loud,

On the clean black-board;

Dreams and aspirations –

Running after


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The Prized Catch

‘Wow! At last, I have won the first prize! I knew I had it in me. But it wasn’t so easy to beat five thousand entries from all over the country, some of them from very seasoned photographers!’

He proudly looked at the 50,000 rupees cheque; kissed it; put it on the side- table; picked up the poster that was his entry in the competition, and hung it on the wall facing his bed. Tomorrow he’ll go to the bank, draw the cheque, and throw a party for his friends. Read More…

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The Quintessential Common Man



A Tribute to Two Great Actors.

Guru Dutt’s death anniversary falls on 10th October

Amitabh Bachchan’s birthday on 11th October

It was on the 10th October in 1964 that the whole nation was shocked to hear about the sudden and tragic death of the great stalwart of Hindi cinema Guru Dutt, at a very young age of thirty-nine. His fame rested on three films “Pyaasa’ ‘Kaagaz Ke Phool’ and ‘Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam’, and it is so ironical that it was just these three films that made him; marred him; ruined him and made him world-famous. Read More…

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