Remembering 9/11

When the heavens turned hostile

And rained death at dawn;

When the fragrant morning air

Turning into a demoniac roar

Of the satanic eagle-machines,

Deafened the ears;

When snooty clouds blinded the eyes;

When the fresh human blood

Painted red, the helpless skies;

When the political strife

Took a toll on innocent life;

When up went in splinters -


Unidentified limbs;

Innocent cries;

Dreaded shrieks;

E-mails to loved ones;

Phone-calls incomplete;

Shattered Dreams;

Hopes belied;

When Dragons of Death,

Spewing fire and ruin

Gobbled down all

Just in a guzzle;

Nothing was left,


Only Zero…Zero




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Posted in Causes, Poem by Narinder Jit at September 11th, 2012.
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