Taking Multiculturalism With a Pinch of Salt

India is a multi-cultural, multi-lingual nation; yet every now and then, we face regional-identity crisis. All this talk of communal harmony, multiculturalism, and multi-lingual fabric of the country, or that of the ‘secular state’ that Preamble of the Constitution mentions, goes for a toss when  communal riots keep on popping-up resulting in large-scale death and disaster. Why, even after more than six and five decades of being independent, we are still so prejudiced, wary and intolerant of people belonging to other cultures than our own?  In an age of globalization, when we are bound to learn to understand world community, to communicate and live together in the best amiable conditions in other countries, why we are not able to develop a more respectful attitude towards our indigenous brothers? Is it a deep-rooted sense of colonial awe, a sense of belonging to one of the so-called third-world countries that forces us keep a low profile in other countries? Whereas in our own country, we tend to assert our identity so rudely, insolently and offensively.

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A Picture-Post

I stumbled upon an old diary of mine, in which I found these three couplets. Presenting them with pictures. I wish I had noted down the names of the poets.


1947 Riots

Riots-1984; Gujrat; Mumbai; Assam

Ik baar mere gaon mein aaya thaa ik sailaab

Tamaam dariya idhar se ho kar guzarne lage.


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India’s Hall of Shame – A Fact-File

As we are entering into the 65th year of Independence a zeal, a fervor can be felt all around; and moreover, as we celebrate the glorious achievements of our six Olympians, who have made the whole nation proud with their feats, here are six cases which put every Indian, worth his salt, hang his head with shame. I know this is not the time for such a piece, but these stories are not going away, they surface and resurface every now and then, not allowing us to push them to the back of our minds. And the din and disturbance that these stories create in your mind, drown all other sounds – the sounds of glory and grandeur.

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You and your Stars


We all are tempted to look at the daily forecast that is published in the newspapers. Most of us may refuse to acknowledge that we believe in such things. (I hold my destiny in my hand, not in its lines, sort of thing!). Yet every now and then, your eyes involuntarily fall on these columns.

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The Icicle

She stands there, encased in that one, single moment of her life which has got frozen into an icicle – an icicle, cold as the cold hands of time, cold as the cold valley of death. Yet, she has been in love with this icicle. It had been her dwelling, her refuge for so many years of her life. She has refused to make an effort to break out of it, because it had immortalized that one moment which was the core, the quintessence of her life.

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If Only I Could…

If only I could…

Rewind the track of my life,

To go back in childhood,

To roll in the mud;

Hide under the beds;

To play in the street light;

To be dragged home by the ear!

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