Satyamev Jayate – Show-Casing A New India

Satyamev Jayate (SJ) has come to a close. A programme that made us sit on the edge of our seats every Sunday and watch with gaping mouths, as  episode after episode unveiled the pain and agony of a nation, that only 65 years ago rose like a star on the horizon with much promises and expectations. The programme received mixed reactions from people, but it seems to have touched the chord in every Indian’s heart. If nothing else, it has certainly made us stop for a moment and reflect upon the issues taken up during the course of the first twelve episodes; and the last episode winding up, covering a whole gamut of issues picked up according to the Preamble to the Constitution.

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His Last Journey – An Ego Trip

So much has been said and written about Rajesh Khanna ever since he passed away on 18 July. Agreed that he was the first superstar of India cinema; that he gave fifteen super hits in a span of two years; and that his movies have given us some of the best Hindi songs; but so much of over kill! As I watched and read whatever people had to say, I had decided not to write anything about him; though so many thoughts had been crossing my mind. But then I happened to listen to his last recorded message which he addressed to his fans; and which was played at his last prayer meeting, that I changed my mind, and hence this piece.

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Lyrical Vignettes (ii)

A bite, single and sole;

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Assam Molestation Case – Time for A Revolution

Here it comes again – another gory incident; a barbaric, heinous, inhuman and despicable act that has put the whole nation to shame. A young girl was molested by twenty men, in the open, in front of the eyes of many more standing there, or passing by. And we say we are living in the 21st century when this country is boasting about it having moved from the group of developing countries to that of the developed countries. The whole world is made to consider India as an emerging economic super-power, so much so that it has staked its claim for a permanent membership of the UN Security council!

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It’s a Dog’s Life

I salute all the pet-lovers


I am a great supporter of PETA

Ten-year old Raju was playing with Bruno in the lawn when his foot tripped over the dog’s tail; and as it yelped loudly, Preeti, the young college-going daughter of the family came running from inside the house, and slapped Raju so hard on the face, that rolling over the ground he banged his head into the garden wall. He sat there holding his head between his hands.

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The Police Commissioner had called an emergency meeting of its officers. The law and order situation of the city had been going from bad to worse. The police had been unable to control rallies and demonstrations which had become a common feature, causing traffic disruption on all the major roads. Media had lambasted the police for its inefficiency and the furious Police Commissioner gave his junior officers a piece of his mind.

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