The Purple Horizon

I sit and watch out

As the sun goes down

In the purplish horizon

And the eye-lids drop down

Heavy with the weight of years.

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Life – A Jigsaw Puzzle

Life is jigsaw puzzle with some of the pieces missing – so true! And searching for the missing pieces, and giving them a meaningful shape is what life denotes. All our life, we are in search of something – some purpose, some objective, some meaning of life.

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The Sleep-Walker

Have you ever come across a sleep-walker? (I won’t use the term somnambulist, because its definition scares me!) No? Nor have I. But when I was very small, my two elder sisters used to tell me that I was one; though I could never believe them. How could I walk while I was asleep? But every second day, they would tease me and tell detailed stories of what I did the previous night. And I could get somewhat convinced only when my mother would corroborate what they were saying. (All guffawing, of course) I used to feel that they had all ganged up to embarrass me!

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The First Rain-Drops


The abandoned seeds,

Martyrs of their creed,

Manure others to grow!

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