My Tryst with Retirement

Well, so much has been said and written about ‘Retirement’ that I decided to keep my thoughts to myself when I bid adieu to my teaching career on this day last year!

Retirements are not supposed to come as a shock; as we all know the exact date we are going to retire, from the very first day we join the job. And thirty-one years was not a short time to prepare myself for the doomsday. So I had decided not to rue the fact, not to sulk or to go into hibernation or depression.

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Zora Sehgal – A Hundred, Not Out!

Zora Sehgal, ‘The Ladli of the Century’ is celebrating her hundredth birthday today. A doyen of International theatre, films, and Television; dancer and choreographer; she is also known for her poetry recitation performances; her favourite being, Hafeez Jalandhari’s “Abhi Toh Main Jawan Hoon…”  And there is no doubt that she is still so young and lively. She has always been loved by people for her vivacity, verve and exuberance. The naughty glint in her eyes is so captivating, and rightly did Amitabh Bachchan say yesterday that ‘she has a child-like quality in her’ that makes her so charming. Read More…

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The Picture Perfect!

Yesterday, on my birthday, I found good wishes pouring in from friends and family; on my mobile, on face book, and by email. It’s such an exhilarating factor that makes you feel so important, loved and adored. The whole day I was in an emotionally reflective mood. Each message led me to think about the person in question and my bond with her/him. Suddenly it struck me that family is the first social network you join without any registration or signing-in step. It comes naturally (read genetically) to you, and come what may, you can never ‘unfriend’ or remove any member from this bond, this family tree! We, a family of six siblings have 22 members on Facebook; and I wonder that in the family section, why they don’t have tags for sister/brother-in-law, or daughter/son-in-law!

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What…? I – A Cruciverbalist!

The other day, I got a call from my friend, who at the very outset said, ‘Write down a word,’ ‘What…?’ ‘I said note down a word,’ ‘Ok, Ok,’ and I stretched out for pen and paper. ‘Write cruci…’ ‘Hain…?’ ‘C…r…u…c…i and verbalist – cruciverbalist.’

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April is the Cruelest Month

Come April and the world is agog with a new energy. As we bid adieu to winter, there is a feeling of openness, as if the heart and the soul which lay snug during the winters, extend their arms to take in the beautiful nature in all its splendor – vibrant colours, fragrances and sounds. It’s the time that we usually associate with regeneration and new life. All the seeds which had been lying inert suddenly sprout into life, filling the whole atmosphere with lively activities.

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Hollow Sympathy







Beleaguered by beggary

She bashed up

Her ‘boozer’ man

Blue and black

Kicked half dead;

Smiling sisters

In rustling silks,

Made panels,

On channels,

Praising her to the stars

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A Course in Politics for Women

Yesterday, IIM, Bangalore launched a Certificate Course in political leadership for women called ‘India-Women in Leadership’. The 10-week-long course to be run by Centre for Public Policy, in collaboration with Bangalore based NGO Centre for Social Research aiming to ‘equip women with the requisite skills, knowledge and expertise in various aspects of governance’ would cost Rs.4.75 lakh per person. But do women really need such a course?

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‘What’s In A Name’ – Who Says?

A dog named ‘Dhoni’! Yes, according to a recent news report, Mohali District Police has a trained dog called ‘Dhoni.’ I am intrigued whether this is a compliment to MS Dhoni or an insult? Though the report says that last year when Dhoni came to play IPL match at Mohali, he was very happy to meet this other ‘Dhoni.’ The dog must have been given this name after MS Dhoni proved himself as one of the best cricket captains of the world and dog must have displayed some qualities that MS Dhoni does have.

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I Look Forever…

In the well-lit realm of my heart,

A lonesome corner stands apart

I look forever…

In the crevices and cracks

Scratching the memory’s wall

For some moments

Lived in togetherness

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Power of the Youth

Thousands of young boys and girls gathered at Jantar Mantar last year to protest against CBI’s failure to solve Arushi Talwar murder case. Millions of youngsters came out on the roads at the call of Anna Hazare to fight against corruption. They participate whole-heartedly if there is a march in support of ‘save the environment’ or a human chain rally for ‘save the girl child’ or a signature campaign for justice. Give them a cause and their enthusiasm is unmatched.

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