We…the Happy People

Wow! Great news! According to a survey by IPSOS Global, we Indians are the happiest people in the world, sharing the top space with the Indonesians and the Mexicans. Not bad!

But are we really happy?

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Upma For Breakfast

Also published on Unboxed Writers – 20th Feb 2012. Click here to go to Unboxed Writers website.

Now this is how a Punjabi describes a non-Punjabi wedding, ‘Hmm…It was quite simple… They had only Upma for breakfast…’ and so on and so on. You cannot miss the disappointing tone of his voice – a typical Punjabi, expecting a totally different scenario at a wedding. Even my spontaneous response was that of surprise, “Oh, really?”

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Should I…?

Once, being a part of an Inter-College Extempore Elocution Competition as a judge, I came across a topic ‘I would rather like to forget…’

As expected, the young participants referred to various incidents of their lives that they wanted to forget. Some of them talked about some weird dream, some hair-raising experiences, while some of them had very funny, but scary incidents to narrate.

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To Jaycee – With Love

I wrote this poem way back in 1998, my first one, based on a news item in ‘The Tribune’ regarding a two-year old girl Jaycee Buzzanca, conceived in an infertility clinic and born to a surrogate mother. As the Buzzanca couple went in for a divorce, the case created a legal storm in America, where it underlined the growing complexity of the rights of children born through infertility treatment. A judge declared her to be without a mother or father because doctors used both donor sperm and eggs, then transferred the embryo in the womb of a surrogate mother recruited by a San Francisco couple. The Court ruled that the child had no biological tie to the couple or the surrogate Ms Pamela Snell, defined under Californian law as her “gestational” mother. Furthermore, in American law, donors cannot be regarded as natural parents, and thus labeling Jaycee as ‘Nobody’s Baby.’ The poem was published in ‘The Tribune’ on March 2, 1998.

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